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with you, discover what works to solve complex relationship, organizational and strategic challenges... 

Project LEAD© 
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Serving the public, private and non-profit sectors, What Works Inc has

  • helped City Councils set goals

  • created new performance review tools

  • conducted over 50 respectful workplace behavior workshops

  • coached dozens of talented professionals to be even better at what they do

  • taught employees how to work with conflict 

  • developed practical succession plans with clients

  • facilitated public forums

  • helped leaders create cultures of accountability

  • inspired employees to have fun at work



what we help organizations do ...

  • Work with Conflict 

  • Improve Relationships at Work

  • Lead: Project LEAD© 

  • Create Organizational Infrastructure

  • Strategic Planning

  • Develop Managers and Supervisors

  • Craft Performance Feedback

  • Build COHESIVE Teams

  • Create Norms of Behavior

  • Find Talent/Executive Search

  • Re-set Relationships


What happens when one person in your workgroup is not held accountable?

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